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The Best Restaurant Review: Kid’s Menus


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Ari’s Adventure

Ari’s adventure

Once upon a time… a little boy camped out in a tent. One day he wanted to go boating in the lake and fish.  He  did not catch fish  he just caught turtles by the shell. That night they crawled into his tent, and of course they slept on him. One night he woke up to go to the bathroom and he saw the turtles on him. He has never seen the turtles on him before. He was very surprised :-). He was happy to notice that he was starting a family. Since the turtles were following him they were kind of stressing him out.  They were starting to get attached. It was a group of 7 total, 6 turtles and 1 boy. (of course he still had a mom, he was only 6! )

Ari took the turtles home and showed them to his mom and dad. That night they talked about keeping them, and they thought it was a great idea,but here is the problem, what would they put them in? They decided a fish tank that was big enough for 6 baby turtles.  It was perfect. They said it was enough for 6 turtles, babies definitely. So they kept them and they fed them, but they didn’t like normal turtle food, they liked they boy’s camp food. He was very surprised. He really liked them, it helped to look at them when he was sad or something, but one day one of the turtles got VERY SICK. Sadly the turtle started to die.:-( He was very, very sad. He got older and the turtles got older too. When he was sad, they were sad. When he was happy, they were happy. When he was excited, they were excited. When he was on vacation, they were on vacation.

They also Like to play. The boy, Ari, turned on the t.v. whenever there was a show about turtles on. The turtles loved it. Whenever they saw turtles walking the turtles eyes and mouths opened WIDE, VERY WIDE. And then they fell over on their backs. Then they walked to the little boy and they told him about it, at least in movement. When they were about the age of 10, the boy was 16, and he got married. He also still had the turtles and brought them with him to the new house. Then he quit camping, but he still fed the turtles some camp food. They got a fence and then they let the turtles outside for the night, and in the morning they came back in, through their turtle door, in a single file line. He noticed them as a pet. So he named them, one was Bob, one was Bill, one was Jill, one was John, and one was Joe. His wife, Hannah, started to feed them too. At first it was a little creepy, but then she was fine. When her husband died,:-( Bob got so stressed that he died too.:-( When Ari, the little boy, was 67 he still took care of the turtles. The turtles were very happy. (you know they were in water). One just about got killed by the filter.

When he was 70,he let the turtles go free. But they came back ,every time.


My Fishing Skills!

Fishy fail!    It went for the hook not the worm!

Super Mario Bross

Super Mairo Bross Adventure

Plying Game By :ARI HONIG

Narrating By :JOSHUA HONIG

starting with 69 coins and counting!
starting at level 1!
Huge wrecks the whole city
Finish 123530 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Josh Jump

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