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Please Support the Cub Scouts

Buy popcorn, caramel corn, chocolate covered pretzels and more, or make a contribution and Cub Scouts will send popcorn to our troops in the field.  Please follow the link below to support me, or support a scout of your own. Scouts use the money we raise to buy rockets for our rocket launch, for field trips and camping trips, and to make sure every kid who wants to be a scout can.


Tip Of The Day

Humming bird

A humming bird… trapped!


In a little garage was a trapped humming bird.

It was cute and loving but trapped…and scared.

It was scared of the big fat robins that eat lots of worms…………….

though it thought it ate humming birds.

He got very scared and started to hide in a bike bag!

We got worried to… We thought he was trapped for ever! (Even though both of the garages were open!)

The humming eventually found its way out of the garage.

We thought it was trapped in there..but we figured out that it was just scared and needed a place to hide from the monsters.


My dogs illustrations!

Super Mairo Bross Adventure

Plying Game By :ARI HONIG

Narrating By :JOSHUA HONIG

starting with 69 coins and counting!
starting at level 1!
Huge wrecks the whole city
Finish 123530 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you beat this record?
Send in your score at:

good By mosquitos for ever!

Mosquito away!

how to keep away mosquitos!
Step 1. get a bucket
Step 2. fill it with water
Step3. put it in your back yard at 2:00 PM
Step 4. leave it out all night long
Step 5. on the next day at the time right before you go to bed, dump the water out of the bucket in to your grass (not your neighbors!)

How this works :
the mosquito will lay eggs in the water.
the next night you dump out the water (with the eggs in it!)