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Download my new tool bar!

Down load my new tool bar here !

How to use this:

1.          2.        3.                               4.        5.       6.     7.        8.

1.Add your logo like my website logo,a WordPress logo,etc.

2.Click this little down arrow to get more tools.

3.Search.{When you high light something on a web page,it ends up here,to.}

4. Go to Josh’s Kid Search

5.Borded?Click this thing to get tons of games!



8.Sick of no sound?No youtube,iTunes,Windows Media player?Here is a free radio!{May take a Min. or 2 to load}


Sorry…+My vacation!


I know,the posting.:-(

Sorry,really…I mean it.

So I will TRY to post EVERY DAY!

Oh,yes… it bothers me to.

I was on vacation, in the BAHAMS!

It was a BLAST!

I went to pools,and it was a blast!

Hey…,What did you say?,YOU HADE A VACATION!?

Well…Tell me about please!

E-mail (OR) Comment this:

Hey,I did go a vacation recently!

_______________________(Write about you vacation in this space!)__________________________


Name:_ _ _ _ _ _ _

And thats my vacation!

Dueling Banjos