Kid’s Menu Restaurant Review: A2Z Café

WHO: A2Z Italian CAFÉ
WHERE:4705 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46240
TELEPHONE: (317) 569-9349
HOURS: Serving Breakfast and Lunch Mon through Fri 7am – 2pm
Sat – Sun 8am – 2pm,
Serving Dinner Wed – Sat 5pm – 9pm

If you need a good breakfast lunch or dinner quickly, go to A2Z Italian CAFÉ. I went there for Sunday Breakfast and loved it!

The  kids menu didn’t have a lot on it, but the stuff on there looked pretty fascinating! I had French Toast with Fruit:

It came very quickly. I didn’t really like the fruit, because it was covered in powdered sugar. The French Toast was delicious. It was soft, but crispy on the outside. It was very cinnamony, because it was made from cinnamon bread. I’ll prove it:

I liked it so much I had two orders, so if you’re very hungry, it might not be enough for bigger kids. But if you’re five and you’re not starving to death, this might be a good meal for you.

My brother, who is five, had the grilled cheese with fruit. All the kids menu choices came with fruit or bacon. He liked the grilled cheese. He said it was very cheesy. But he didn’t like the fruit. He wanted more grapes.

The service was very good. The food was fast, and the server was very nice. She brought by brother a bowl of grapes.

My parents said the prices were reasonable. They also had free Wi-Fi.

I would SO DEFINITELY go back!

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  • Robyn  On January 2, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    What an excellent review! My vegetarian skillet dish was delicious too, and I agree that the service was fast and friendly.

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