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I made this vid. just because i was borded.

It was really easy to make.


Mellow Mushroom review!

Hi.Today Im going to review Mellow Mushroom. My DSi xl was dead, so I couldn’t post from the restaurant. So, if you look at the date and time, now you know the story.

Any way, on my first bite of cheese pizza I said to myself “This is the BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD!” If you like cheese, you’ll like it. It’s great normal kid pizza, and not really salty.

They also have a arcade game. Just 1.

That night was a VERY busy night. I thought it was going to take half an hour! (Probably because there where no more seats left.) But,of course I was wrong.They came to take our order in 2 min. Then in another 10 min,we got to eat. The pizza is not super hot when it comes out. In fact you can eat it right away. The cost was not low, but not high. They have a 10″ ($6.95) pizza,a 14″ ($10.95) pizza, and a 16″ ($13.95) pizza.

I also interviewed my Dad about his dinner:

Q: What did you have?

A: Tofu hogie.

Q: Was it inexpensive?

A: It was reasonable, at $7.95.

Q: Was your food good? Did they mess up?

A: Mine was very good. They messed up Mommy’s order, but fixed it right away.

Q: Would you go back?

A: Yes I would.

They list the following subjects:



Build your own salad




Deli Hoagies

Grilled Hoagies

Specialty items

Lunch specials


They list:


Fruits & veggies




Go to


Drive to:2340 E116 Street – Carmel IN 46032



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Mellow mushroom

Hello.Right now im at mellow mushroom.There is a big wait.VERY BIG WAIT.

Comics now!

Have you ever seen Cool!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!


I’m going to post A TON in about 2 months!

Bowser Stats




Hello.Today i'm sick.Yup.And todays the first day of Feb.!And today is no school!
Any way...I have a temp of 100.7.So I am not happy.I feel really bad.No,I
not thrown up yet!So, I had to deal with it for the entire Jan. 31 2011

8:59 AM
Correction:I did throw up!

3 Days Latter 8:31 PM
I'm not sick,but me and my brother have some thing...not telling.